November 3

How to beat ageing


Alzheimer's disease, or senile dementia, is not an inevitable fate, but a possibility that threatens us all. The narrowing of mental adaptability and the helplessness It brings is a truly undignified end to a healthy and active life.

The prevalence of Alzheimer's disease is soaring

There is a saying that the messenger is shot when bringing bad news. No one wants to hear about the gloomy prospects of old age, because we all know in our heart of hearts that ultimately time is working against us.

Statistics seem to bear this out. In 2005, 24 million people worldwide suffered from dementia. But its prevalence is rising rapidly, so that in 2010, the figure was already 35 million, and experts predict that this number will double in about two decades.

So, there is a growing chance that we ourselves will be one of those who, instead of playing with their grandchildren, may not even recognize their loved ones. But if you don't want to give up self-sufficiency and a normal daily life in old age, there is an opportunity to do something now. The recipe for prevention is relatively simple:

Support your brain health every day!

With a few lifestyle changes, you can do wonders against the disease of forgetfulness. In his book The Anti-Alzheimer's Prescription, University of Southern California professor Vincent Fortanasce summarises several methods of effective prevention.

First and foremost: switch to fruit and vegetables as a matter of urgency! A study of a Japanese population of 1,836 people, cited by Fortanasce, found that this diet significantly reduced the risk of dementia aleady in the following 7-10 years.

Because of the abundance of their biologically active components, you should reach for berries in particular. They are also the most effective in fighting the brain-damaging free radicals known as anthocyanosides.

Ideally, you should eat a handful of berries a day, but of course that's not so easy to do. However, InnoFit’s Topform, Child and Purfit products allow you to eat all the necessary berries in a concentrated form in the most convenient way possible, throughout the year.

Once you've made this fruity turn in your diet, you can also up your fish intake to feed your brain with the valuable omega-3 fatty acid. You should also favour beetroot, which is rich in folic acid (Vitamin B9), as it slows down and prevents atrophy in the very areas of the brain that are most affected by Alzheimer's (all the more reason to eat InnoFit's Topform or Child products, as it contains beetroot).

Once you've got all that, Professor Fortanesce's book says there's one more thing you can do: live a happy life, surrounded by as many friends and loving and supportive fellow human beings as possible! As he more scientifically puts it, the strength of social support (active social life, strong network of relationships) is linked to the prevention of Alzheimer's disease: being an active social being can keep you physically and mentally fit for longer.

Diet and lifestyle: start reforming both! Because it's never too late, and never too early either, to start preparing for a happy and mentally fresh old age.

Erzsébet Mihalikné Krémer

Health educator and creator of the InnoFit product family