March 18

Awareness and prevention: lifestyle tips against diabetes


Is diabetes genetically inherited or do we 'manufacture' our diabetes ourselves?

The role and exact influence of various factors is debated, but one thing is certain: it is worth mobilising all the resources at our disposal to avoid it, because we can do a lot to prevent it through our lifestyle. (Genetics predisposes us to 8-9% of diseases, while our lifestyle is responsible for 60-70% of them.)

The issue deserves urgent attention because increased blood sugar levels also insidiously stress the blood vessels. Today, more people in developed countries are amputated for diabetes than lose limbs in accidents. This is why it is important for people with diabetes to regularly eat berries rich in vasoprotective flavonoids, otherwise diabetes can also cause vascular disease.

How can diabetes be prevented?

If the goal is to avoid diabetes, the way to do this is to maintain a normal weight, eat a diet that is easy on the pancreas and exercise regularly.

For all three factors, we need to take into account the fact that today we move much less than our ancestors did when they worked hard all day long – but our diets have become more plentiful and overly 'refined'. It's full of processed foods, refined carbohydrates that fatten us up and make us sick, and if we're not careful, our food can be full of additives that also damage our digestive system and indirectly have a negative effect on the liver and pancreas.

The tempting offer of bakeries as a quick and cheap solution to hunger only exacerbates the problem. No wonder diabetes is so common: statistics show that one in ten people is diagnosed with diabetes!

To prevent this, it is recommended to eat vegetables and fruit several times a day at a personalised frequency, as diabetes is also typically associated with a lack of antioxidant vitamins.

But what if you already have diabetes? Is it good for people with diabetes to eat fruit because of its high content of valuable active ingredients, or should they avoid it because of the fructose in it? Should they take the advice of drastic fruit deprivation and risk the onset of an increasingly serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies and the resulting diseases?

This is a big dilemma for many diabetics. But we have an idea that offers a solution.

Why is InnoFit an excellent choice even for diabetics?

The berries in InnoFit products have been shown in numerous studies to have a positive effect on circulation, reduce the risk of vasoconstriction and contain significantly less fructose than other fruits.

What's more, if you live a hectic life and are struggling to keep the vow you've made so many times – to finally reform your diet – but don't have time to shop and prepare healthy meals, InnoFit's product range can help you in both ways.

Which InnoFit product is best for lowering blood sugar and keeping your blood vessels healthy?

Purfit, due the inulin content of its Jerusalem artichokes, is an excellent blood sugar lowering and regulating agent, and the blueberries, blackcurrants and elderberries it contains reduce capillary fragility, as well as regenerate and restore the permeability of the blood vessel walls, helping to counteract the damaging effects of diabetes on blood vessels. You can even experience its immune-supporting, blood-forming effects thanks to the other valuable active ingredients it contains.

My advice for avoiding diabetes is: cut out refined carbohydrates from your diet, get some fruit and vegetables in your body with nutrition – and InnoFit products!
As soon as your body feels it is getting all it needs from concentrated sources, unhealthy sugar and carbohydrate cravings will lessen on their own, without you having to focus on restraining.

By following this advice, you can take the two most important steps and prevent (or, if you already have it, alleviate) diabetes. And if you also include some exercise, you have all three possible supporting conditions to avoid the onset of diabetes, even if it is hereditary, or, if it has already developed in your body, to reverse the process and prevent the vascular disease and deficiencies that can also develop as complications.

Erzsébet Mihalikné Krémer

Health educator and creator of the InnoFit product family