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Prevent cardiovascular disease and normalise your blood pressure. Avoid all viral diseases with the help of berries.

Backed by research

Supports your immune system

Prevention of diabetes

Supports your cardiovascular system



100% plant based









What the InnoFit Purfit solves



Excellent for the prevention of vascular damage associated with diabetes. Protects the capillaries of the eye. By consuming it, cataract blindness and cataract formation can be prevented.

High blood pressure

It improves the elasticity of arteries, veins, capillaries, can reduce leg swelling, blood pressure.


Helps to relieve circulatory problems, maintain elasticity of blood vessels, is also a diuretic and anti-inflammatory.


Helps normal red blood cell and hemoglobin formation. The active substances in the blood cells help to normalise the production of normal blood cells and blood red blood cells.

Immune support

Immunity enhancing (anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial), immune stimulating. It can prevent urinary tract infections, gout and rheumatic complaints, kidney problems and shorten recovery time.


Its consumption is excellent for colds, upper respiratory infections, flu, covid, colds, urinary tract infections.

Iron deficiency

A natural solution for iron supplementation. Supports the energy-producing processes of our cells, the enzyme system and nervous system processes.

How can  Purfit  solve so many problems?

Because most diseases are caused by deficiencies, accumulation of waste products, inflammation and poor vascular conditions. The rich active ingredients in Purfit plants address these underlying problems. It can therefore indirectly address so many of these problems.

Ingredients optimized for impact

With each stick InnoFit Purfit works to deliver comprehensive daily nutrition with ingredients that are carefully sourced for absorption, potency, and nutrient density.

Vitamins & minerals

The natural ingredients are responsible for your daily vitamin and mineral needs.

Natural bioactive substances

They destroy pathogens, slow down disease-causing and ageing processes, boost metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

Natural antioxidant content

Support healthy aging and protect cells from oxidative stress.

Phytochemical content

Phytochemicals are bioactive compounds found in plants that have a specific protective effect.


Forest cranberry, elderberry, blackcurrant, chickpea extract, corn starch.

You can consume it as you like

Due to its powdery texture, you can consume the product in several ways at any time of the day.

Stir it

into water, vegetable milk, juice, or other natural beverages, as you like

Mix it

with oats, yogurt, or cottage cheese

Blend it

into fruit or vegetable smoothies

Put it

on your toast, salad, or pasta

Approved by doctors & nutritionists

Approved by doctors & nutritionists

dr. Ágnes Schemmel, Retired paediatrician

“One of the hardest parts of our work is fighting anaemia, iron deficiency...There are a lot of dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, medicines, which have not proved to be very effective. It would be good if we could get iron in food, and I found that in InnoFit.”

Judit Kisa, Nutritionist and Dietician

“I would happily recommend InnoFit products to have in your cupboard if you want to enhance your general well-being. The InnoFit products provide complex daily vitamin and mineral requirement which means they will help you more to enhance your general well-being than other similar products on the market.”

dr. Alice Égető, Retired paediatrician

“I'm very happy that I found this family of products because since I've been using them I feel 20 years younger, more energetic and I feel very good in my skin. Based on my mother, my family and my own personal product experience, I would like to recommend everyone to consume these products.”

Product experiences

innofit terméktapasztalat

"I am a 76-year-old retired biology teacher. My blood pressure has been a constant problem. I have to take two different medications for it, depending on what values I measure in the morning. I imagine this is a familiar problem to many of you. Since I've been taking Purfit, my blood pressure has been gradually improving."

Mrs István Deres

“…our family experienced practically every kind of health problem…including diabetes and cardiovascular problems…It was Topform and Purfit, that helped to sort out blood pressure problems and settle our blood sugar levels.”

Edina Földi

innofit terméktapasztalat

"Several years ago, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure during a medical check-up. After that, I took several antihypertensives, but my body reacted badly to the different medications, and I could no longer take them because of the side effects. In the meantime, six months ago, I was introduced to InnoFit products and started taking Purfit. By now my blood pressure has normalised, my health is much better, and I feel more energetic. I can wholeheartedly recommend InnoFit products to everyone."

Zsuzsa Pálinkás

The InnoFit difference


Traditional vitamin preparations

Additive, preservative, sugar, sweetener

Gentle manufacturing technology

Low temperature vegetable processing

Natural antioxidant content

Natural bioactive substances

Phytochemical content

Natural vitamin, mineral content

Very delicious

Contains 100% concentrated plants

Frequently asked Questions

Why don’t InnoFit products contain preservatives and why don’t they need to be heat treated?

Due to the special production technology, our products' moisture content is very low (3-5% maximum in Orifiit and Purfit, and 20% maximum in Topform and Child products), and they contain high concentrations of natural antioxidants (flavonoids, vitamins A and C). Due to the low water content, the pH of the plants and the high antioxidant concentration, the products have a high microbiological stability, so they do not spoil. They retain their original quality for up to two years if stored adequately.

What is the vitamin content of the products?

Thanks to the special manufacturing technology, InnoFit products are able to naturally preserve heat-sensitive vitamins, which is why the vitamin content of InnoFit products is not comparable to that of conventional vitamin products. There, either the products are made up entirely of synthetic vitamins, or minimal natural active ingredients from plants (a few hundred milligrams at most) are supplemented with synthetic vitamins, of which, research shows that only a few percent is utilized. Therefore we have no interest in competing with the vitamin content of products manufactured in that way and we believe customers are misled with those data.

Can I overdose the products?

All things can be overdosed by excessive consumption. Therefore, the question is not whether or not it can be overdosed, but what happens when we eat too much of it. Our experience shows that probably nothing. Our body gets rid of the excess quantity intelligently (e.g. in the form of urine, or excreted in the form of mild diarrhea as an immune response), and – as with other foods – an “aversion” or a temporary feeling of disgust can appear as a self-defensive reaction. It is essential to understand that these effects are not signs of illness, but are a healthy body’s response to excessive consumption. To avoid this, do not go overboard, but consume the quantity indicated on the box.

Can gluten-intolerant people consume InnoFit products?

The products do not contain gluten (grain protein). No products containing gluten are made at the manufacturer, so not even traces of gluten can be found in the products.

Can people with diabetes consume InnoFit products?

Deterioration of blood vessels is a serious complication for people with diabetes. Numerous studies show the positive effects consuming berries has on blood vessels (vascular protection, slowing down the development of vasoconstriction), therefore their consumption is highly recommended. Since Topform, Child, and Purfit products are mainly made from berries, they are excellent for vascular protection. Although the products do contain fructose because of the fruit, their sugar content is so small that if taken with a meal it is not necessary to count it towards the daily carbohydrate intake, except in severe cases. (3g per scoop for Topform, Child and 5g per sachet for Orifit and Purfit can be used for the calculation)

I eat a healthy diet. Should I try the products?

If you eat a healthy diet and you can eat a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors, freshly picked, and at a satisfactory quality day after day, you may be one of the few people who do not need supplements in any form, including InnoFit products. Statistics show that most people either lack the variety, quality or quantity to consume the professionally recommended daily amount. If you live a stressful life, exercise, are pregnant, elderly, or in case you smoke or have digestive problems, it is most likely that even with a healthy diet it may be beneficial for you to consume InnoFit products due to your increased need. Make sure to assess your personal situation.

I am active in sports. Is it considered doping if I consume the products?

Since the products are fruit and vegetable concentrates and the plants in InnoFit products, as far as we know, are not included on the ban list, do not contain any added substances included on the ban list, nor do we produce any other products in the factory that contain prohibited substances, it is safe for athletes to consume our products.

What is the difference between the different flavonoid products?

There are several companies selling different formulations of flavonoid products and you may be wondering what criteria you should use to choose between them. What are the differences between the products?
Often you read the phrase "made using gentle processing method" in company brochures. What technology might this term refer to? It’s important to pay attention to this term, because the way fruits are processed has a significant impact on the nutritional content of the product.
We have compiled a list of factors that make a big difference between the products. We have done so to help you to better understand the topic and be able to choose the right product.

  1. Production technology: If the product is in a jar, it’s already a suspicious sign. If you hear a “clicking" sound when the cap is unscrewed, the product was treated using mild heat treatment, meaning a heat treatment of 80 to 90 °C (pasteurization). Its purpose is to kill microorganisms and deactivate the enzymes in the plant (to inhibit their activity as enzymes – in effect killing them), which will ensure the shelf life of the product. In most cases, these products are post-vitaminized, since heat treatment also destroys heat-sensitive bioactive substances, vitamins such as vitamin C, which means that they cannot exert a positive physiological effect after consumption. To compensate for this, other companies add synthetic vitamins and minerals in order to increase the nutritional value of the product.
    InnoFit products are made using vacuum technology and by gentle process, we mean a compression at a low temperature (+6 degrees Celsius for Topform and Child). The purpose of this method of processing is that almost 100 % of the active substances in the fruits and vegetables are safe from damage during processing. Therefore they do not contain added vitamins, minerals, or trace elements.
  2. What are products made from: fruit concentrate or fruit pulp? In the case of products made of fruit pulp, the water content of the fruit is often not or only partially extracted. In this case, in order to bind water, water-thickening and gelling agents, stabilizers and emulsifiers are added (e.g. apple pectin, carrageenan, guar gum, gum arabic, xanthan gum, alginic acid). If you read the product ingredients, you can definitely verify that. As this will not result in a high content of natural active substances in the product, to compensate for this, other companies add synthetic vitamins and minerals in order to increase the content value of the product.
    When manufacturing InnoFit products, no thickeners, gelling agents, stabilizers and emulsifiers are used. The products are actually concentrated by extracting water, so the resulting fruit and vegetable concentrate can have multiple times the nutritional value compared to other products.
  3. What berries does the recipe include? On the one hand, when purchasing the fruit there can be huge differences in the price of ingredients (e.g. in case of a product based on grapes, which is significantly cheaper than blueberries, blackthorns, blackberries, etc.), on the other hand, it is important to know whether the recipe making was preceded by research on the nutritional value and physiological effects of the ingredients and whether the expensive ingredients can also be found in the product, where needed.
    InnoFit products are backed by many years of serious plant research. The formulation for Topform and Child was preceded by a patent based on antioxidant research that ensures the uniqueness of the recipe and the synergistic triggering of the complex action mechanisms of the body. The Topform product contains 6 major antioxidant groups in one. Similar products contain only 1 or 2 antioxidant groups.

100% natural vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, bioactive compounds, antioxidant content, colorants (e.g. flavonoids, carotene), and whole food ingredients in a convenient daily dose. Your daily nutrient needs in organic form.

InnoFit Purfit


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100% money back guarantee

100% money back guarantee

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your first Basic package purchase.

We guarantee that by consuming the first Basic package, you will experience a demonstrable improvement in your health status in your blood count. Plus, we provide a personalised telephone consultation after purchase to help you get the most out of our products.

We believe in our products and that they can help you too. You have nothing to lose, because either you can experience the improvement of your condition through the beneficial effect of our products - which you may not have experienced for a long time when consuming other products - or, in the worst case, you will try our products for FREE.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your first Basic package purchase.

We guarantee that by consuming the first Basic package, you will experience a demonstrable improvement in your health status in your blood count. Plus, we provide a personalised telephone consultation after purchase to help you get the most out of our products.

We believe in our products and that they can help you too. You have nothing to lose, because either you can experience the improvement of your condition through the beneficial effect of our products - which you may not have experienced for a long time when consuming other products - or, in the worst case, you will try our products for FREE.

100% money back guarantee Conditions:

First of all, before you start consuming the products in our Basic package, have a blood test done. This is the basis against which you will be able to compare your later results.

After that, enjoy our products for 45 days based on our recommended product consumption.

When the 45 days are up, get another blood test done. If there is no positive change between your two findings, simply send us both of your results and we will refund the full price of the product.


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