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When the dream of a mother of seven comes true… read the extraordinary story behind InnoFit

InnoFit would have never made it without noble goals of family cooperation and resilience. The creator of the brand is a mother of seven who was able to convince her whole family of her vision, so that she could then contribute to the health of tens of thousands.

How could we compensate the fruits and vegetables missing from our diet the easiest way possible? Is there a natural solution to get the essential vitamins and minerals in your body?

For a mother who would like to do everything for the health of her children, these questions are more than relevant.



“Both my mother-in-law and my father-in-law were blind, so we did everything for our children’s health right from the very first moment of our marriage. We paid particular attention to conscious nutrition and the quality of the food we ate.

Intransigently, I was searching for solutions to strengthen my beloved ones’ immune systems.

At first, various food supplements and vitamin preparations seemed to be the obvious solution, but seeing their composition (artificial fillers, minimal plant content, inorganic minerals…) I had serious doubts.

I wanted something far more natural. I looked for a product that was not compressed into tablets, not full of additives, moreover tasty, so that my children would love to take it.”


Good Vibes

By now, this dream has come true: due to their 3 particular manufacturing technologies, InnoFit products were conceived to help more and more people eliminate different deficiencies – in a simple and natural manner.

Just as the product is not synthetic, the company behind it is not a bland and faceless company either. Rather, it is the result of a family’s search for a life path.

If you rather trust the force of nature and would like to give support to the healing processes of your body not by tablets, but by fresh fruits and vegetables, InnoFit products could have been invented just for you.

Experience the difference with InnoFit!