November 10

How to be sick?


As an expert in natural health preservation and disease prevention through nutrition, you might not expect me to answer. But I'm telling you: we can help our recovery – if we dare to be sick!

Before you stop reading in outrage, let me add an explanation. Many people these days are terrified of fever and are not prepared to endure this real but necessary inconvenience for even a short time. So they refuse to stop for a minute (which is what fever gets us to do), rest and recover once they are sick.

When it is not the fever that is to be feared, but rather the morbid aversion to fever, the 'fever phobia' – and the need to reduce it at all costs by medication. As the saying goes, "the only thing to fear is fear itself." In other words:

Go easy on the fever reducers!

Do you know why some paracetamol-containing cold and fever remedies are available exclusively in pharmacies? The authorities have taken this measure to protect patients with fever, because these products can seriously damage the liver.

Taking them for more than three days is not recommended. Otherwise, it is worth to be careful while 'shopping around' in the pharmacy because paracetamol can be found in several brands of medicines, and taking them at the same time can put you at serious risk of exceeding the dose that your body can tolerate.

A strong but gentle remedy for colds

So instead of sipping 'delicious' but artificial drinking powders (i.e. paracetamol-based medication) or taking other expensive and often side-effect inducing medicines, what should you do? How should you in fact handle it when you're ill?

Now that you have a fever, give yourself permission to step out of your hectic, task-ridden daily routine.

Don't worry, work will wait! No one will do it for you so that you'll no longer have the chance. 🙂

I believe that being sick is something you have to be able to do intelligently. If you have a fever, you don't need to be afraid of it. It's not a disease, it's a natural and useful immune response to colds and various infections, as your body 'turns up to heat' to kill the pathogens and heal you.

Here's what can help you if you're already sick, but you don't want to take liver-damaging antipyretics (substances that artifically reduce fever): simple and natural herbal solutions that support the work of your liver and kidneys.

Get these 4 natural 'miracle cures'!

  • In case of fever, dissolve Orifit in lukewarm water, an excellent source of vitamin C and many other immune-supporting herbal ingredients, to get a cooling and natural fever-reducing drink.
  • Suspect an infection? Drink Purfit dissolved in lukewarm water, which is effective in killing viruses without harmful side effects (thanks to the anthocyanin in elderberries, among other natural active substances) and helps break up lung secretions and clear your lungs.
  • You can also avoid the risk of dehydration by consuming plenty of fluids, but instead of paracetamol-containing drinking powder, you can also avoid dehydration by drinking lukewarm water with Orifit or Purfit. You can take these drinks in bed, relax a little, and take time to calm down and unwind without any unnecessary guilt.
  • And if you say "thanks, but no thanks: I don't want to spend any time in bed sick", then you should preemptively boost your immune system with Topform and offer your kids InnoFit's Child product! You won't have to cajole them for too long because they'll love the taste.
  • InnoFit products can be safely consumed in increased quantities at any age during illnesses, and due to their natural benefits can shorten illness duration and prevent complications.

Erzsébet Mihalikné Krémer

Health educator and creator of the InnoFit product family