March 27

What should you eat if you want to live to 120?


There is no person who cannot live to the upper limit of their life expectancy ‒ if not the fabulous 120 years ‒ if they keep their vascular system clean and healthy. If you want to live to a wonderfully long old age, so that you can chase your grandchildren around all day long, instead of just lying in bed, passively waiting for time to pass, remember:

Long life (also) depends on the health of your veins!

Think about it: it is the circulatory system that is responsible for supplying oxygen and nutrients to your whole body and to each of your organs at every moment of your life, as well as for cleaning out carbon dioxide and metabolic waste products.

When you are young, this is not such a big problem. Our blood vessels are clean and flexible, and a more active lifestyle ensures that our organs' metabolism is in good working order. Later, as we age, our blood vessels become more and more polluted. In fact, we often contribute to this natural ageing process by not exercising, by unhealthy diets and by harmful habits. In addition, the deposition of lipids in the blood vessels is also a natural process that takes place on its own.

What diseases do 'dirty' blood vessels lead to?

It is mainly the circulatory system (the cardiovascular system) that suffers from the deterioration of our blood vessels. Atherosclerosis can develop: smaller blood vessels become clogged and cholesterol builds up in the larger ones. If the coronary arteries start to lack blood, coronary artery disease develops as a result of the blood vessels becoming 'dirty'.

The deposits cause the blood vessels to narrow, reducing their ability to pump blood, so the heart has to pump harder, and blood pressure rises.

A circulatory problem can also be behind tinnitus, which can cause serious disturbances in concentration. This is due to increased pressure on the eardrum from the blood vessels in the brain.

A problem with the blood supply to the eyes is indicated by spots, foggy and cloudy vision. And if our balance centre in the ear is not getting an adequate blood supply, we will experience sudden dizzy spells as a symptom. In this case, our hearing can often be impaired as well.

We should also suspect poor vascular health if, instead of waking up feeling strong and relaxed in the morning, we feel weak, with aching bones and joints.

If clogged blood vessels can't pump the fluid through, oedema can develop. Water-salt metabolism is impaired. By the evening, the feet can swell so much that socks leave deep marks on the ankles. But a swollen face and bags under the eyes (mild swelling or puffiness) are also signs of this problem.

Worse still, blood clots may form in the polluted blood vessels and the affected blood vessels may die off. What's more, if such a clot gets into the bloodstream, the blood vessel can become blocked, resulting in a thrombosis, which causes around 70% of deaths from pulmonary embolism and cardiac arrest.

With such a grim prospect, it is fair to ask:

How can you clean up your vascular system naturally?


Innofit’s Purfit product provides a drug-free answer to this question that affects your health and your life, based on the life-saving power of nature.

The blueberries, blackcurrant and elderberries in Purfit help to cleanse and maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, while the Jerusalem artichoke helps to normalise blood sugar levels.

This powerful fruit cocktail has all the vitamins and antioxidants you need to keep your blood vessels healthy, and its naturally delicious taste is sure to enchant.

It's up to you to start eating it and get as close as possible to the triple-digit age!

Erzsébet Mihalikné Krémer

Health educator and creator of the InnoFit product family