November 3

Are you letting them feed you lies?


It's enough to let down your guard for a moment, and you too can be misled advertising noise that surrounds us everywhere these days.

If you chose to eat what almost everyone else around you is eating, you'll be soon overwhelmed by the artificial flavours of laboratories and consuming 'food-looking (artificial) substances' all day long instead of truly life-giving food.

Today, the food industry already has the 'recipe for success': a method of taste manipulation based on exploiting the natural inclinations of human taste. In their laboratories, they've pinpointed exactly the stimuli that make our taste buds rejoice because they give us the sensation of high nutritional value and fresh food – but not the real thing.

These key sensations (fruity sweet, mineral salty, etc.) are chemically enhanced to richly sprinkle their artificial food products with additives, so they can create mass demand for their cheap and shoddy wares.

Congratulations to you for resisting this campaign against healthy human taste and health! I count you among the exceptions and praise you for not allowing yourself and your loved ones to be deceived by artificially aromatic, flavour-enhanced, but ultimately additive-laden foods.

This conscious buying and conscious consumption decision is worth more than even the most precious treasure these days: it can even save your life – and that of your loved ones.

This could be the motto of conscious behaviour in the field of nutrition: as a consumer, you have the right to buy real quality – and not disease sources (!) – for yourself and your family for your hard-earned money.

With a bit of awareness and attention, you can set yourself apart from the 'fast food generation'. Don't ever let big corporations producing tons and tons of artificial food for the masses invent, tell you, and shove down your throat what 'everyone' is supposed to 'like'.

There is a better way, and you already know it!

What can you do for the people around you – friends, relatives, family – so that they can get to know it too? Simply talk about it: tell them what making a conscious buying choice has done for you, what you experience daily as a result, and in the long term, as a result of eating healthily. Then feel free to recommend InnoFit!

You can do more for everyone around you than you might think at first, and you can make sure of that the next time you see them by asking how they feel.

In the meantime, enjoy your life and stay healthy!

Erzsébet Mihalikné Krémer

Health educator and creator of the InnoFit product family