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What does InnoFit Child contain?


Juice concentrate of: beetroot, apple, blueberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, sour cherry, cranberries, red grape, elderberry buds, chokeberry; sea-buckthorn (berry juice and pulp oil), hibiscus.

How to dose InnoFit Child?

For a healthy child of average weight under average strain:

at the age of 1 to 2, ⅓ scoop per day – 1 package lasts for 6 months

at the age of 3 to 5, ½ scoop per day – 1 package lasts for 4 months

at the age of 6 to 11, ¾ scoop per day – 1 package lasts for 2.5 months

from the age of 12 and for adults, 1 scoop per day – 1 package lasts for 2 months. 

There may happen life situations where it is recommended to increase daily dose and consuming up to 2 or 3 times a day. These may include: increased mental or physical stress, cold or flu, surgery, allergy, etc. It can’t be overdosed, though consuming more than 5 scoops a day is not recommended.

Recommended to

Everyone, but especially:


Children to help their body cope with infections and diseases by supporting their immune systems. (They may take it from 10 months of age.)


Support young mothers in a healthy foetal development.


Reduce recovery from surgeries or serious illnesses for adults.


Reduce allergic symptoms for the allergic (both adults and children).


Elderly people to support their immune systems and to slow the decline due to ageing.

Nutritional value





of which sugar






In 100ml product

1291,6 Kj

306,3 kcal

1,77 g

73,2 g

68,9 g

0,26 g

2372 mg

169 mg

306 mg

82 mg

1 measuring spoon (3ml) in product

38,75 Kj

9,19 kcal

0,05 g

2,19 g

2,06 g

0,0078 g

71,16 mg

5,07 mg

9,18 mg

2,46 mg

It is a reliable source of many plant substances, especially plant dyes (polyphenols, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, carotenoids) and other biologically important substances.

What makes InnoFit Child special?

During the production we apply 3 worldwide unique technologies that are proven to multiply the positive physiological effects of fruits and vegetables on the human body:


Thanks to the unique processing method of fruits and vegetables, the product can be absorbed already through the oral mucosa, when letting slowly melted in the mouth. Thus, our digestive system does not have to “unpack” the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and natural colouring agents(like flavonoids, carotenes) contained within the plants.Within minutes after consuming the product, it provides its beneficial effects.


Our vacuum technology enables valuable herbal components – even which are sensitive to heat and oxidation – to preserve their properties that are beneficial to the human body (e.g. antioxidant functions), thus supporting the body’s self-healing processes.


We have a production technology know-how that ensures that fruits and vegetables retain their life energy during the production process. As such, the product’s cellular integration into the human body remains maximised, which in return activates the immune system.

+3 extra properties

that make the product unbeatable:


Scientific research preceded the formulation of the patent-protected composition of the product. Thanks to this, InnoFit Child does not only provide the body with a variety of natural active substances, but its components also reinforce each other in a synergy, making the physiological effect of the product even more beneficial.


The plants used during the production are non-GMO, free of chemicals and are guaranteed to provide of high quality. The utilised raw materials are controlled by competent European authorities, each one of them are certified based on thorough examinations.


InnoFit Child does not contain any additives, colourants, preservatives, flavourings or flavour enhancers. Pure fruits and vegetables. No more, no less.

InnoFit Child is truly a superfood, in all aspects (natural, efficient, easy to assimilate). It is like if you wee pampering your body and immune system with a good deal of fresh, raw, organic fruits and vegetables.

When consuming the product, our customers surprisingly quickly experience its positive effects: antiviral, it stimulates the immune system, enhances blood circulation, cell regeneration, detoxification, and improves the body’s blood-forming ability.

Product experiences

A very interesting thing happened today. I work as a lawyer and because of that I unfortunately have a lot of stress in my life. I’ve been struggling with migraine headaches since I was 12, but on a level that when I strike it - usually during a period of increased stress - I see bright article zigzags on either the right or left side and speech problems, my limbs and numbers are also slower. 😞 Specifically, it’s like my brain decides to stop for a few hours. 😖It feels really bad because I can't see and talk specifically, I really have to stop completely, it completely paralyzes me. 😭In this case you have to lie down for a few hours, then for approx. I'll be fine in 2 hours, but I can't do anything until then ... literally forced to rest. 😣😔
Now, however, a webinar started at 19 when this awfulness came to me. 😖I heard that TOPFORM helped several people in this case, so I quickly started eating a few spoons to see if it would help. Of course, I didn't really trust him, because this condition is so serious anyway that it never helped, I usually have to go to bed at this time, so I didn't think a "fruity stuff" (sorry) would solve the problem, but since it's different has already reported that he has successfully treated his migraine with this, I tried. I actually ate a couple of spoons of TOPFORM and a couple of spoons of CHILD at the same time because I didn’t know which one might be more effective and then drank a lot of water on it. And it's over. 😄😃🤩🤗This was incredible, 😮 because so far nothing has been missed. Anyone who has had one or the other already knows how bad it is, because specifically you feel that you are incapable of life and you are afraid of what it is if it does not pass ... Therefore, any “agent” that helps with this get through and eliminate very quickly, it is worth the gold. 🙂 💪 😎
So from now on, I’ll tell anyone I know that this thing helped me with that. 🤩 And I don't care who thinks what, or what objections he might have,
for the weight of this is felt only by one who has already experienced what it is like to feel helpless. So he convinced me to the maximum! 😄😎💪
Maybe someone else has a similar problem?

Gabriella Bujdosó

In recent years, unfortunately, the allergy season has become more and more depressed, and not only the usual high season in August, but also in May. I’ve been beyond trying a lot of medication and practice when I brought my attention to a child who is able to miss allergy symptoms. Of course, I couldn't believe it, and I couldn't have done anything bigger! Fortunately, I started consuming the product at the time of general immunoservice and now this year I finally enjoy being outdoors even though I live in one of the most infected regions. If I had to dare myself on a scale, I was a strong 9 on a 10 scale, and now it’s about. I rate my condition for two. 😊😊

Ildikó Csák

Experience the InnoFit Difference.

Frequently asked Questions

Why don’t InnoFit products contain preservatives and why don’t they need to be heat treated?

Due to the special production technology, our products' moisture content is very low (3-5% maximum in Orifiit and Purfit, and 20% maximum in Topform and Child products), and they contain high concentrations of natural antioxidants (flavonoids, vitamins A and C). Due to the low water content, the pH of the plants and the high antioxidant concentration, the products have a high microbiological stability, so they do not spoil. They retain their original quality for up to two years if stored adequately.

What is the vitamin content of the products?

Thanks to the special manufacturing technology, InnoFit products are able to naturally preserve heat-sensitive vitamins, which is why the vitamin content of InnoFit products is not comparable to that of conventional vitamin products. There, either the products are made up entirely of synthetic vitamins, or minimal natural active ingredients from plants (a few hundred milligrams at most) are supplemented with synthetic vitamins, of which, research shows that only a few percent is utilized. Therefore we have no interest in competing with the vitamin content of products manufactured in that way and we believe customers are misled with those data.

What is the difference between the different flavonoid products?

There are several companies selling different formulations of flavonoid products and you may be wondering what criteria you should use to choose between them. What are the differences between the products?
Often you read the phrase "made using gentle processing method" in company brochures. What technology might this term refer to? It’s important to pay attention to this term, because the way fruits are processed has a significant impact on the nutritional content of the product.
We have compiled a list of factors that make a big difference between the products. We have done so to help you to better understand the topic and be able to choose the right product.

  1. Production technology: If the product is in a jar, it’s already a suspicious sign. If you hear a “clicking" sound when the cap is unscrewed, the product was treated using mild heat treatment, meaning a heat treatment of 80 to 90 °C (pasteurization). Its purpose is to kill microorganisms and deactivate the enzymes in the plant (to inhibit their activity as enzymes – in effect killing them), which will ensure the shelf life of the product. In most cases, these products are post-vitaminized, since heat treatment also destroys heat-sensitive bioactive substances, vitamins such as vitamin C, which means that they cannot exert a positive physiological effect after consumption. To compensate for this, other companies add synthetic vitamins and minerals in order to increase the nutritional value of the product.
    InnoFit products are made using vacuum technology and by gentle process, we mean a compression at a low temperature (+6 degrees Celsius for Topform and Child). The purpose of this method of processing is that almost 100 % of the active substances in the fruits and vegetables are safe from damage during processing. Therefore they do not contain added vitamins, minerals, or trace elements.
  2. What are products made from: fruit concentrate or fruit pulp? In the case of products made of fruit pulp, the water content of the fruit is often not or only partially extracted. In this case, in order to bind water, water-thickening and gelling agents, stabilizers and emulsifiers are added (e.g. apple pectin, carrageenan, guar gum, gum arabic, xanthan gum, alginic acid). If you read the product ingredients, you can definitely verify that. As this will not result in a high content of natural active substances in the product, to compensate for this, other companies add synthetic vitamins and minerals in order to increase the content value of the product.
    When manufacturing InnoFit products, no thickeners, gelling agents, stabilizers and emulsifiers are used. The products are actually concentrated by extracting water, so the resulting fruit and vegetable concentrate can have multiple times the nutritional value compared to other products.
  3. What berries does the recipe include? On the one hand, when purchasing the fruit there can be huge differences in the price of ingredients (e.g. in case of a product based on grapes, which is significantly cheaper than blueberries, blackthorns, blackberries, etc.), on the other hand, it is important to know whether the recipe making was preceded by research on the nutritional value and physiological effects of the ingredients and whether the expensive ingredients can also be found in the product, where needed.
    InnoFit products are backed by many years of serious plant research. The formulation for Topform and Child was preceded by a patent based on antioxidant research that ensures the uniqueness of the recipe and the synergistic triggering of the complex action mechanisms of the body. The Topform product contains 6 major antioxidant groups in one. Similar products contain only 1 or 2 antioxidant groups.

Can people with diabetes consume InnoFit products?

Deterioration of blood vessels is a serious complication for people with diabetes. Numerous studies show the positive effects consuming berries has on blood vessels (vascular protection, slowing down the development of vasoconstriction), therefore their consumption is highly recommended. Since Topform, Child, and Purfit products are mainly made from berries, they are excellent for vascular protection. Although the products do contain fructose because of the fruit, their sugar content is so small that if taken with a meal it is not necessary to count it towards the daily carbohydrate intake, except in severe cases. (3g per scoop for Topform, Child and 5g per sachet for Orifit and Purfit can be used for the calculation)

Can gluten-intolerant people consume InnoFit products?

The products do not contain gluten (grain protein). No products containing gluten are made at the manufacturer, so not even traces of gluten can be found in the products.

Can I overdose the products?

All things can be overdosed by excessive consumption. Therefore, the question is not whether or not it can be overdosed, but what happens when we eat too much of it. Our experience shows that probably nothing. Our body gets rid of the excess quantity intelligently (e.g. in the form of urine, or excreted in the form of mild diarrhea as an immune response), and – as with other foods – an “aversion” or a temporary feeling of disgust can appear as a self-defensive reaction. It is essential to understand that these effects are not signs of illness, but are a healthy body’s response to excessive consumption. To avoid this, do not go overboard, but consume the quantity indicated on the box.

I eat a healthy diet. Should I try the products?

If you eat a healthy diet and you can eat a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors, freshly picked, and at a satisfactory quality day after day, you may be one of the few people who do not need supplements in any form, including InnoFit products. Statistics show that most people either lack the variety, quality or quantity to consume the professionally recommended daily amount. If you live a stressful life, exercise, are pregnant, elderly, or in case you smoke or have digestive problems, it is most likely that even with a healthy diet it may be beneficial for you to consume InnoFit products due to your increased need. Make sure to assess your personal situation.

I am active in sports. Is it considered doping if I consume the products?

Since the products are fruit and vegetable concentrates and the plants in InnoFit products, as far as we know, are not included on the ban list, do not contain any added substances included on the ban list, nor do we produce any other products in the factory that contain prohibited substances, it is safe for athletes to consume our products.

How is delivery done and how much does it cost?

Delivery is done by the parcel delivery service and they send an e-mail and/or an SMS message about the package arrival. Usually, delivery is within a few business days from the date of your order – but you can choose a date convenient for you when you place your order.
Delivery fee:
Varies by country, it can be seen on the order form after the country is selected.

I couldn’t manage to pay by card. What should I do?

To avoid any inconvenience and to ensure a successful transaction, before you make any card payments, please check the following:
Is your card eligible for online shopping?
The validity of the card – is it declined or expired?
The balance on the card - is there an appropriate amount?
The card limits - is the limit set per transaction higher than the amount to be paid?
Has the number of maximum daily transactions been reached?
Is there a sufficient amount left from your daily spending limit to complete the payment, considering any purchases made earlier that day?

The Internet connection - transactions may fail with a faltering internet connection due to transaction timeout.

Double check the data you entered, don't rush. After you press the payment button once, be patient until you get a confirmation. If the card has been issued by a bank where a security code sent in an sms is required to be entered to confirm the payment, please have your phone ready.
If you return to the payment page using “back”, “reload” or “refresh” functions, the transaction will be rejected automatically for security reasons. In such a case, you will need to restart your purchase.
Entering the payment details shouldn’t take too long as the system might throw you out.

+ A TIP: if you use Firefox browser and the transaction fails multiple times (and you are absolutely sure that everything is OK with your card, internet connection, etc), please try to open the payment page in another browser (we have experienced more failed transactions in the Firefox browser). If that doesn't work either, please contact the bank that issued your card first, most likely they will be able to help you.

How many months does 1 box of Child cover?

Before answering this question specifically, it’s important to think through the following.

People are different, with different metabolisms, eating habits, in different life situations and living with a different intensity. It would therefore be a very rough simplification to declare that all people should consume the same amount of a vitamin or nutritional supplement. Of course, from a marketing perspective, recommending to take X number of pills per day is very easy to communicate. Unfortunately, things are not quite that simple, because our body is a very complex system, and each person is a little different. It would be foolish to think that everyone has the exact same need for vitamins, minerals, trace elements and vegetable coloring matter with no consideration to their age, weight, state of health, eating habits and lifestyle. It can even change for an individual on a daily basis, since if they have a stressful day or do a powerful physical activity, their need changes right away.

As the name of the product refers to children, this is essentially an immune system booster for children, but due to its composition it can be excellent for people suffering from allergies, the elderly, and people with cardiovascular diseases. So don’t be misled by its name.
In the case of children, the amount of Child product taken should be adjusted based on their age.

Our recommendations are intended for a relatively healthy child with an average weight under an average strain.
1 to 2 years old, ⅓ scoop per day – 1 box is enough for 6 months
3 to 5 years old, ½ scoop per day – 1 box is enough for 4 months
6 to 11 years old, ¾ scoop per day – 1 box is enough for 2.5 months
12 years old and above, 1 scoop per day – 1 box is enough for 2 months


When, as a parent, you feel like your child is under a harder strain either mentally or physically, (e.g. starting socializing, doing intensive sport activity, a test is coming up at school) or you feel like they’re “coming down with something” (e.g. a cold, infection), it is good to increase the frequency of consumption of the product, so not only taking it 1x per day, but you may give it to them up to 2x or 3x during the course of a day. It is important that if possible you increase not the dose, but rather the frequency of the consumption. This way you can help to support their immune system much better.

Adults are recommended a dose of 1 scoop per day as a general immune system booster. In this case 1 box is enough for 2 months.

If an individual has an allergy, is recovering after an operation, is elderly or is in a very weak state of health, it is recommended to increase the frequency of the consumption, so to consume not 1x, but 2x or 3x in the course of the day. When their condition has improved / stabilized, they can switch to a dose of 1 scoop per day or to the Topform product.

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