November 10

There are no miracle cures! Let’s talk about healthy nutrition and vitamins


Written over a year and published in the scientific journal of the american Ancestral Health Society (AHS), the myth-busting paper by Dr Zsófia Clemens, neurobiologist and leader of the Paleomedicine working group concludes that "if we do not eat healthily, it makes no difference whether we take vitamin C or not, because vitamin C in tablets or capsules is not effective".

The research results and InnoFit

This research is backed up by our own experience with Innofit: the body recognises the substances it ingests through natural nutrition and uses them based on its own 'intelligence' – storing them if necessary – because that is how it has nourished itself for millions of years to survive!

In contrast, synthetic powders and capsules, which are offered as panaceas, have been shown to be ineffective.

But what does a natural nutrient do that its artificial counterpart tries in vain to provide?

How is natural nutrition different from taking pills?

According to the neurobiology expert, the big difference lies in the complexity and closeness to nature of healthy nutrient intake. Our implicit consumer expectation that a single nutrient, isolated from its natural environment (for example, as a vitamin pill), will work wonders, is frankly absurd.

Instead, rather than this contrived approach of pill-swallowing, we need to rely on the complex interactions that take place between natural nutrients as they are consumed, which sinergically help each other to benefit you in ways never seen with supplements.

In fact, the proponents of synthetic vitamins have been misled by the fact that consistently higher levels of vitamin C have been measured in the blood of healthier people. However, this high level was not created by artificial supplementation, but by the overall healthy diet of the individuals concerned!

In simple terms, again in the words of the researcher, Dr Zsófia Clemens, vitamin supplementation in pill form "defies nature" - and therefore cannot be effective.

Expensive and ineffective: the case of antioxidants

A parallel case is that of synthetic antioxidants, which promise health and youth for your hard-earned money. A veritable industry has grown around these, which is increasingly displacing the traditionally healthy and delicious diet without additional supplements that InnoFit swears by with its products and activities.

Antioxidants taken in supplement form have been shown by independent research to be ineffective, and their popularity is due more to aggressive advertising by the synthetic supplement and pharmaceutical industry promising to stop ageing with its pills than to any real results.

Here again, it is the modern approach of taking the natural active ingredient out of its original context and producing it artificially that is at fault! In the words of a recent article on the subject, "antioxidants are now often talked about as if they were a simple but indispensable household accessory, a washing powder, a match or a tea bag". As if all you need to do is replace or add a component to your body and you're fine...

But the secret of the beneficial effects of vitamins and nutrients is that they act synergically and harmoniously enhance each other'effects in the natural food they are consumed with!

The human body is not a test tube

Antioxidant expert Gagik Melikyan, a professor of chemistry at California State University, even speaks about the harmful effects of isolated antioxidants that taken out of their natural environment.

The distinction could not be more stark: "the same compound can act as an antioxidant in some circumstances and as a pro-oxidant in others, i.e. it can amplify the damaging effects of free radicals", because "the test tube and the human body are not the same kind of place".

In other words, what appears to work perfectly in the laboratory may be downright harmful in humans, where more complex factors controlling absorption, bioavailability and excretion are at work.

The basic requirements of the human body are met by the same thing today as they were millions of years ago: a natural diet, supported by InnoFit, which provides all the active ingredients and in a form that is useful to the body and easy to digest.

Millions of years of human nutritional experience cannot be wrong and will not mislead you either!

Erzsébet Mihalikné Krémer

Health educator and creator of the InnoFit product family