October 3

The special vacuum drying manufacturing technology behind InnoFit products


Do you still believe that you can get all the nutrients you need through normal nutrition?

Fewer and fewer people today consider this to be true.

More and more research shows that, due to large-scale production, vegetables and fruit do not contain as many active ingredients as they used to.

Our bodies therefore desperately need to replace what is lacking in our daily diet to keep fit.

If we give our bodies the quality nutrients they need, are mentally well and take regular exercise, we will have few health problems in our life...

Read the above paragraph again, because this is the true "secret" to a healthy life!

But how can you supplement your diet in a simple and natural way, and with quality plants, to give your body the best?

Well, the thing is, we at InnoFit had to do three things at once to do this for you:

  • somehow process the fruit and vegetables so that their precious nutritional value is kept during production;
  • to get them to you in a form that does not need to be preserved and filled with all kinds of additives;
  • the product should not require more than half a minute a day to consume – because, unfortunately, that's all the time most people take for their health...

The great thing about InnoFit products is that they fulfil all three of these criteria.


Thanks to a special vacuum technology process, we can preserve the active ingredients in the fruit and vegetables without damaging them when extracting the water.

How does this work? One thing you should know about water is that the higher the air pressure, the higher its boiling point. At sea level it's 100 degrees Celsius, but in a car's closed cooling system, due to the overpressure, the water does not boil even at 110-120 degrees Celsius. Conversely, the lower the atmospheric pressure, the lower the temperature at which vapour evaporates. For example, on the peaks of the Himalayas, water boils already at 70 degrees Celsius. So, at artificially reduced pressure, using vacuum, water boils already at room temperature.

This makes it possible to remove water from vegetables and fruit, which are already of very high quality, and preserve the dry matter content without destroying vitamins and other active ingredients.


In addition, the resulting concentrate contains such a high amount of antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids and other bioactive ingredients that it does not require any preservation – it essentially preserves itself!

What you get at the end of the process is the essence of pure fruit and vegetables.

Because we also use two other special methods to process the ingredients, the plants are able to retain their life energy and can even be absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth. Thus, thanks to the circulatory system, they can provide their benefits at the cellular level within minutes, unlike tablets and capsules which take hours to be absorbed through the digestive system.


Moreover, InnoFit products contain:

  • no preservatives,
  • no coloring,
  • no flavour enhancers,
  • no bulking agents,
  • no sweeteners, no sugar – in other words,
  • no additives at all.

InnoFit only offers you the valuable contents of high quality fruit and vegetables – now in a form that can be easily stored, transported and quickly consumed.

The InnoFit product range has two types of powder (Orifit, Purfit) and two types of concentrate (Topform, Child).

A major advantage of these over many other companies' products is their complexity and almost 100% bioavailability. To give an example, we made a comparison with Topform and found that a combination of 8 to 15 products could provide some of the complexity that this one product by InnoFit provides for your body.

The amazing thing is that if your body gets the quality of the active ingredients, it can start the self-healing, regenerative processes and can function in a harmonious, healthy way.

So, what if you could take care of your health in just half a minute a day from now on, safe in the knowledge that the product you are consuming contains no synthetic ingredients, no additives, and that the vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, carotenoids have not been damaged during the manufacturing process...?

Moreover, the products taste delicious, children love them, and you can even get the kids safely 'addicted' to them instead of sweets, because they are so healthy!

An important addition: of course, supplementing in this way is not a substitute for proper exercise, peace of mind and a healthy diet (i.e. if you are constantly stressed, not exercising and eating white flour, sugar and other harmful substances, then large quantities of vitamins alone – although they will help a lot – will not solve everything.)

Can I give you a quick summary?

1 - Gentle manufacturing procedure

INNOFIT: We use 3 technologies that are unique in the world, which have been proven to preserve almost 100% of the nutritional value and vitality of the fruit and vegetables processed. The water is extracted from the plants at low temperatures, so that the valuable plant components, which are sensitive to heat and oxidation, retain their beneficial properties (free-radical scavenging capabilities).

In contrast, in the production of conventional tablet/capsule products, even if the raw material is excellent, the processing of natural plants, e.g. by heat treatment, may cause the decomposition of heat-sensitive vitamins (e.g. vitamin C). The useful bioactive substances in the plant, e.g. flavonoids, carotenoids – as they are unstable compounds (which is why they have free-radical scavenging capabilities) – are oxidised in contact with air, so they can no longer act as antioxidants/biosensitizers and thus cannot have the positive physiological effects that would be expected. And if preservatives are used instead of heat treatment, research shows that they can cause long-term health problems for consumers.

2 - High absorption rate

INNOFIT: Thanks to the gentle and special manufacturing technology, the concentrated plants contained in the product can be absorbed, i.e. they no longer need to be 'unwrapped', i.e. digested, but can be absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth and, once in circulation, can be easily and extremely quickly used by the body. This positive effect can be measured a few minutes after the products are consumed, using modern diagnostic equipment.

In contrast, conventional tablet/encapsulation products have to cope with stomach acid, can fall prey to various micro-organisms in the gut and, because they are not dissolved in the right place, are often only absorbed from the gut in a fraction of their original amount, making their utilisation by the body uncertain. Research has shown that the absorption of synthetic substances can cause problems, as they are perceived by the body as being foreign, which can have a negative impact on liver and kidney function.

3 - Bio-complexity

INNOFIT: InnoFit products are made from a wide variety of ingredients and contain the whole plant. Serious research has gone into the formulations. Not only do they provide the body with a wide range of active ingredients, but they also synergistically complement each other and multiply their physiological effects to maximise cellular utilisation. Diversity and true complexity are unique to plants, which is why InnoFit products are preferable to synthetic ones.

In contrast, the majority of conventional tablet/encapsulation products are composed of a few (max. 10-20) – artificially selected – components. The active ingredients are typically in a synthetic or inorganic form, the usefulness of which is often questionable according to recent research.

We can never know exactly how much of which active substance we need at any given moment. Diversity, true complexity, is a characteristic only of plants. It is very difficult for us to know for ourselves how much of what active substance we should consume in order to achieve the desired effect.

4 - Organic grams instead of synthetic milligrams

INNOFIT: The plant content in a serving of InnoFit is measured in grams, not milligrams! This plant content means many times the dose of traditional vitamin preparations.

In contrast, traditional tablet/capsule products contain mostly synthetic or semi-synthetic active ingredients and only a token amount of herbal ingredients (10-300 milligrams per tablet), so you cannot expect an actual and rapid positive effect when they are consumed.

5 - Additive-free

INNOFIT: InnoFit products do not contain any additives, colourings, preservatives, flavourings or flavour enhancers.

In contrast, traditional tablet/capsule products often contain sweeteners, flavourings, acidity regulators, bulking agents, colouring, glycerin, microcrystalline cellulose, talc, gum arabic, guar gum, emulsifiers, thickeners, etc., and if you look at the box, you will be shocked to find that these make up the bulk of the products.

6 - Bio-compatible

INNOFIT: The vegetables and fruits in InnoFit products are in the form that our body can best use to enhance its vitality. This makes them an excellent choice for supporting the immune system, triggering detoxification and self-healing processes and eliminating deficiencies.

In contrast, traditional tablet/capsule products do not deliver the benefits that researchers from the 1970s to 1990s assumed would result from their consumption, because of the synthetic vitamins, the additives and their quantity and ratio to each other. Today, the incorporation of these products can be monitored using modern diagnostic equipment. More and more research is showing that, in many cases, synthetically produced compounds are perceived by the body as foreign, that they are a burden on the excretory organs, the liver and kidneys, and that the actual utilisation of the active substances is questionable, no to mention the side effects and the adverse health effects of possible overdoses.

It should be noted that naturally occurring vitamin C is not the same as ascorbic acid, although this is the scientific name of the vitamin C compound – and this is true for all natural active substances and their synthetic versions. In plants, vitamin C is bound to other compounds, which also play an important role in their absorption and metabolism.

Stop thinking in terms of active ingredients – and think bio-compatible and bio-complex nutrition instead!

7 - Beyond delicious

INNOFIT: InnoFit products are DELICIOUS, enjoyable to consume and can be incorporated into your diet in a variety of ways!

  • The concentrates can be sucked off directly from the spoon,
  • or even blended into natural yoghurt.
  • You can mix the powders into water or tea,
  • or pour it directly into your mouth – they are yummy in all forms!

In contrast, traditional tablet/capsule products are often utterly inedible: they are difficult to swallow or taste bad. No wonder that we adults, as well as children, often have misgivings about using them on a regular daily basis.

Incorporate these excellent concentrated plant essences into your own diet. InnoFit products are not supplements in the traditional sense, but superfoods of the highest quality!

Erzsébet Mihalikné Krémer

Health educator and creator of the InnoFit product family