September 7

Get out of the multivitamin trap!


"Well then, off to the pharmacy!" That's usually how we approach it when we finally come to our senses and realize it's time to take care of ourselves. But – whatever the advertising says – there are (unfortunately?) no magic pills. Synthetic nutritional supplements (including the multivitamins on sale everywhere around you) are usually artificially manufactured to replicate the much gentler, more personalised and stable benefits that only Nature herself can provide.

How can you care for yourself naturally – without synthetic multivitamin products?

And why should you eliminate multivitamin overconsumption in the first place?

For the answer, it's worth going back in history. Unfortunately, many people have now forgotten that the original idea of taking vitamins, antioxidants and various 'miracle pills' was originally just an industrial response to an unhealthy diet. Their consumption is not the solution to our modern problems due to turning away from Nature, but a symptom of those very problems we try to 'cure' with them.

Recent research shows that synthetic supplements can actually be harmful!

Overdosing on vitamins can cause diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, headaches, sleep problems (vitamin C), soft tissue calcification and kidney stones (vitamin D), headaches, double vision, muscle weakness (vitamin E), and also redness of the skin, itching, broken bones (vitamin A). In addition, it is not worth risking to overdose on artifical vitamins, because the positive effects of synthetically produced industrial products are far inferior to those of a natural, balanced diet.

Why? The reason is that the health-promoting effects that are present in natural foods cannot be simply extracted from the separate ingredients, just as you would move something from one pocket of your jeans to another.

The bottom line here is that natural vegetables and fruits contain flavonoids, fibre and other beneficial ingredients in addition to the vitamins and minerals that synthetic pills merely 'mimic'. The vitality-boosting power of natural superfoods is based on the combined effect of all these ingredients, or their seemingly mysterious 'synergy'. This is also the reason why it is practically impossible to overdose on nutrients in foods, which is not the case with supplements.

"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food", or so goes the ancient saying attributed to Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

By consuming InnoFit products, you can replenish your body's 'vitamin stores' naturally and avoid deficiencies.

Erzsébet Mihalikné Krémer

Health educator and creator of the InnoFit product family