October 3

Are you prepared for the winter cold season?


Maybe you have one or two vitamins and nasal drops at home… But will it be enough?

Let me tell you: there are no miracle cures – but with natural nutrition, your body can do wonders. In order to do them, however, it needs external support: you need to get the right nutrients to make your organism work effectively.

And it may not be enough just to take a couple of vitamins in winter to stay healthy.

There are several reasons for this…


A few active ingredients or true complexity?

Many studies prove that natural solutions are better for the body than artificial ones. There are not just one or two active ingredients in a vegetable or fruit, but hundreds. They contain their vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are necessary for proper absorption and utilisation in complex form, unlike the nutritional supplements available in shops. The valuable active substances in plants are not just “lone warriors”, but work together, in synergy, reinforcing each other to produce their beneficial effects.

A good example of this is that long ago, when researchers discovered that garlic had a blood pressure-lowering effect, they thought that one of its chemical constituents was endowed with this property. To find out which one it is, they spent a lot of time breaking it down into compounds and looking at which of its active ingredients was the particular blood pressure lowering one. But unfortunately none of them could be said to be 100% effective in lowering blood pressure. So they started pairing and then grouping the compounds and, surprisingly, they got better and better results! It was then that they realised that it was not the individual active ingredients, but the whole of garlic that had the “magic power”. It's the same kind of situation when you take only iron and folic acid supplements, expecting a miracle, versus eating beetroot, which contains many other valuable substances in addition to iron and folic acid.


Synthetic or natural?

The body's intelligent and strange little sensors scan everything repeatedly and can tell at a glance which is the real, natural, cell-identical substance and which is the foreign, artificially produced imitation.

There's no negotiating, the distinction is made. It's something like if you were given two glasses of water: one a natural spring water, the other chemically concocted H2O. You will relate to the two completely differently in every way. Because your body will immediately sense the huge difference, even if we call both “water”.

Your cells let the natural substances in, while they often fight against the artificial elements, because they seem harmful and foreign to them.

Moreover, modern science tries in vain to model natural effects. The works of nature are are too well put together to be so easily deciphered, let alone to copy them…

For example, natural vitamin C is one of the most effective anti-cancer agents. The hydrogen, oxygen and carbon atoms it contains, when they enter a cell, produce a very toxic substance, hyperol. But healthy cells immediately break down this hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, which is beneficial for them. However, when vitamin C gets into a tumour cell and produces this toxic compound, it will not be able to break it down. This is how vitamin C destroys the abnormal cells.

But its synthetically produced counterpart is not very capable of doing this. However, it can deposit in the vascular system, leaving a trail of problems in its wake. This is because active substances produced in the laboratory, and even showing good results in those artificial circumstances, often behave differently in the body than in a test tube due to the much more complex interactions. They are not prepared for this natural, live mission.

It is also important to note here that vitamin C needs its “friends” too, such as calcium, magnesium and selenium, for proper absorption and utilisation.


Half a vial, two pieces or a spoonful?

You never know and can only guess how much and what kind of vitamins, minerals and trace elements you need for optimal body function. A child has different needs than an athlete, a healthy woman, an overworked man or an elderly person, and so on.

But if we take in these substances in a complex, organic and natural way through fruits and vegetables, the body will certainly use as much of them as it needs. And what it doesn't need, it saves for “rainy days” or excretes in the urine or faeces. Natural nutrition has been helping people for thousands of years! So turn to fruits and vegetables! Eating half a kilo or a kilo of fruits and vegetables a day has been shown in numerous studies to have a positive impact on our health. But, if you can't eat that much and in a variety of forms on a daily basis, don't despair. InnoFit products offer you a simple, delicious solution through the power of nature.

Recharge your body to withstand the challenges of the winter cold season!

Erzsébet Mihalikné Krémer

Health educator and creator of the InnoFit product family