November 30

This year, don’t fall into the trap of giving useless Christmas presents: give Health instead!


Christmas is coming and you're struggling with gift ideas? It's not easy to come up with imaginative gifts for all the members of your family as well as your friends every year. Especially if you want to give something a little more useful than the Christmas mugs that are already cluttering everyone's shelves.

Think about it: what could be a more valuable gift than health?

But you probably ask yourself: how can I give the gift of health this Christmas?

With InnoFit products, everyone can support their health in the form of a small spoonful or a sachet of powder a day, and it's super delicious too!

What are InnoFit products and what makes them special?

They are unique, gently processed fruit and vegetable concentrates, stemming from controlled farming, that are not heat-treated, but only the water is extracted from them. This preserves all the valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that protect our health. All this without damaging them, which means that, uniquely, the fruit and vegetables they contain retain their vital energy during processing! With InnoFit's concentrated products, you can easily cover your recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables. Especially if you are always in a hurry and don't have time to especially care for your nutrition. Furthermore, in winter, there are very few vegetables and fruits to choose from and their nutritional value is negligible – just when it is most important to strengthen our immune system!

Health starts with prevention through our diet!

Who can InnoFit products be a super gift for?

For health conscious people:
Today, almost everyone has at least one enthusiastic health-conscious person in their circle of family or friends. Fortunately, more and more people are taking care of their health – and of what is most closely related to it, their nutrition. But doing so is not so easy! It is now terribly difficult to buy high-quality fruit and vegetables at a good price. Some people swear by capsule vitamins, but vitamins are much less effective when taken synthetically, and there is a risk of overdose! InnoFit's products, on the other hand, are made from pure fruit and vegetables, so you can get the vitamins and minerals you need to boost your immune system naturally, in a way that goes beyond the simplicity of a pill.

For vegetarians and vegans:

For those who do not eat meat, it is even more important than average to pay attention to adequate iron intake, which is essential for proper blood formation! Iron is found in meat in the largest quantities, so it needs to be supplemented with something. And this supplement should be all natural! With the beetroot in InnoFit Topform you can fight iron deficiency even without meat!

For expectant mothers:

What does everyone give an expectant mother? Baby clothes, toys, bottles... But you should give something special! One of the biggest worries of expectant mothers is whether they're going to give birth to a healthy baby. They try to do as much as possible for this with ther diet and by taking vitamin supplements. InnoFit Child is especially recommended for pregnant women, as the folic acid content of beetroot (among many other valuable fruits and vegetables included in this product) contributes to the healthy development of the foetus, especially in the prevention of neural tube defects.

Blueberries, which are found both in InnoFit Child and Innofit Purfit, can help to relieve varicose veins and haemorrhoids, so common in pregnant women.

For parents with young children:

One of the most pressing problems for parents of young children is when their children are constantly sick. If this happens, one of them has to stay at home, which is difficult to do while working. Health-conscious people can see the background of the problem: children today eat too little fruit and vegetables. However, even they don't know what to do when the kids simply leave the delicious vegetable stew on the table or they find the apples packed for school untouched at the bottom of their schoolbags in the afternoon. So this is when most parents try to boost their children's immune systems with all kinds of vitamin capsules. But children are understandably reluctant to swallow these pills. On the other hand, flavoured chewable tablets can contain lots of additives, colours and sweeteners that are not at all recommended for children. The naturally coloured InnoFit Child product, which has a honey-like consistency, is something even the fussiest of children will happily lick of a spoon or eat with yoghurt for breakfast or dinner! Among the many beneficial fruits and vegetables it contains, elderberries have an antiviral and hibiscus an immune-boosting effect. These two together can fight even the most stubborn diseases and inflammations!

The fruit and vegetables in InnoFit Orifit are excellent for digestion. Experience has shown that this product eliminates or significantly reduces symptoms in children with tummy aches! The Jerusalem artichokes in Innofit Purfit help to restore damaged gut flora, which is essential, for example, after a course of antibiotics. What's more, both powdered products can be used to make orange or pink fruit yoghurt, which is so popular with children!

For athletes:

For athletes, building and regenerating strained muscles is extremely important. The beetroot in InnoFit Topform helps to build muscle and has been shown to have a haematopoietic (blood-forming) effect, increasing oxygen capacity and performance. It contains a variety of berry fruits that boost the circulatory system. The ginseng in this supplement has a mild stimulant effect and supports muscle work, reducing the chance of pulling the muscles. The large variety of fruits and vegetables is an excellent source of organic matter to help maintain healthy bones, which are essential for exercise!

For seniors:

It is increasingly more difficult for older people to absorb vitamins and minerals, so they should pay even more attention to their diet. Instead, however, they often save money and are reluctant to buy fruit and vegetables, which are now increasingly expensive. This is how they come take the drugs and capsules that are lumped alongside their plates, damaging their already troubled livers.

But now we can look after them too with a great gift like InnoFit Child! It contains red grape skin extract, cherry and blackcurrant to support joints and fight rheumatism: a total of 10 types of vegetables and berries that slow down the ageing process and have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. Blueberries, for example, can even reduce one of the most common diseases, high blood pressure!

InnoFit Orifit can also be a great choice for the elderly, as the pineapple and apple in it help prevent constipation, which is common in this age group, while the beta-carotene in the beetroot helps maintain healthy vision!

All in all, Innofit products can be a fantastic gift for anyone whose health you want to protect with such a delicious gift. Last but not least, it's a great gift even for yourself!

Find more information and see the exact ingredients of the products here!

Erzsébet Mihalikné Krémer

Health educator and creator of the InnoFit product family