December 3

InnoFit tips for the festive season


Hip, Hip, Hooray! It's finally that time of year for uninterrupted relaxation.

These days are a time for celebrating the joys of life and family gatherings. It also involves sharing meals together, eating your favourite dishes and feasting on holiday delicacies.

To prevent overeating, bloating and indigestion – the nightmare of the festive weekend –, to cure hangovers and avoid the colds that ruin holidays, remember to use these tried and tested tips:

When eating heavy meals:

If you have a stomachache, make 1 glass of drink with ORIFIT and sip it. It's best to prevent problems, so take 1 serving already during the meal to reduce or prevent symptoms.

To avoid alcohol poisoning or manage hangovers:

If you want to avoid hangovers but don't want to give up drinking, eat 1 scoop of Topform before toasting (or going out for a drink). If you're planning to party until dawn, it's a great idea to take TOPFORM with you and to take 2-3 scoops of it during the night. It's also excellent if wake up with a hangover!

For urinary problems:

If the trouble has already happened, take some PURFIT (1 stick 2 to 3 times on critical days, then gradually reduce the dose to 1 stick per day). Research has shown that the proanthocyanidin pigment in blueberries prevents bacteria from colonising the epithelial cells lining the bladder wall. If you are prone to urinary tract infections, you should take this product regularly as a preventive measure!

For sore throats:

Put 1 ORIFIT product, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, or 1 PURFIT product, which helps to kill viruses, and 1 spoonful of honey in a cup of warm water or peppermint tea. Mix it and sip it. This should be repeated alternating the products 2 to 3 times a day until the sore throat is gone.

I hope you will enjoy the last days of the year as much as possible by using my tips!

Happy holidays!

Erzsébet Mihalikné Krémer

Health educator and creator of the InnoFit product family