October 27

How to boost your immune system in just 1 minute without any pills?


Did you know that we should eat at least half a kilo of fruit and vegetables a day to stay healthy? And preferably with as many brightly coloured ones as possible (like berries or beetroot)? And you can also add to that they should it be eaten raw as often as possible, so that they can best boost our immune system!

It's perfectly understandable if you find it difficult not only to eat such a large amount, but also to obtain it. Especially in winter, when it's hard to find brightly coloured fruits and vegetables at affordable prices...

Now imagine just getting out of bed in the morning and eating the equivalent of half a kilo of fruit and vegetables in 1 minute while preparing breakfast!

And all this without having to wash, peel, slice or grate them... You simply eat them in the form of a spoonful and you can get on with your day, with your immune system saying a grateful "thank you", as it now feels strong enough to fight off stubborn viruses and bacteria.

Now you might be thinking, come on, that's impossible!

But it's not, and you're about to find out why.

You probably know that a large percentage of fruit and vegetables are water. On the one hand, this is a good thing, because our body needs the right amount of fluid. But on the other hand, because of their high water content, it's hard to eat as much of them (especially if you feel like you can't get any more down your throat after a few bites in the morning) as would be needed to get all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that our immune system needs to protect us.

Of course, if you are able to consume at least half a kilo, if not a kilo, of high-quality fruit and vegetables a day, this article is not for you…

However, if you're struggling to do so, it's time to find out why
Innofit fruit and vegetable concentrates made by water extraction are so special!

How exactly are InnoFit products made?

Innofit fruit and vegetable concentrates are made using a unique, all-natural technology. Imagine that water is extracted from fruit and vegetables from controlled farms without heat treatment (with the so-called vacuum technology), so that all the valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are preserved. Moreover, this is done without damaging these valuable substances (unlike, for example, by cooking).

This gentle water extraction means that you need to eat far less of these concentrates to get the same amount of valuable nutrients as you would from a huge bowl of fruit and vegetables (about half a kilo). What's more, we preserve the vitality of the plant during processing, which makes InnoFit products even more special.

See, it doesn't seem so impossible anymore to get your daily fruit and vegetable intake in just 1 minute!

Who are these fruit and vegetable concentrates particularly recommended for?

For the chronically hurried:

Are you always in a rush? You dash to work, then gallop to the shops, then race to pick up the kids from school or kindergarten... And in this daily hurry, you're happy to get to the corner restaurant for a quick lunch, let alone ensuring your daily intake of at least half a kilo of fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, this constant rush is a huge stress factor, which makes you need all the more fruit and vegetables. Fortunately, it's easy to get your daily vitamin intake with a small spoonful of Topform in the morning, even between two sprints.

For children:

I you have young children, one of your most pressing problems is probably that your kids are sick all the time. And because of this, they can't go to school, they fall behind in their studies and someone has to stay at home with them...

However, you may find that your children simply leave their soup on the table and it's really no use packing them apples to school because they return to you untouched in the afternoon at the bottom of their bags.

This is when most parents try to boost their kids' immune systems with all sorts of capsule vitamins, but children are understandably reluctant to swallow them. And flavoured chewable tablets can contain lots of additives, colorants and sweeteners that are not at all recommended for children.

InnoFit Child, on the other hand, is a naturally coloured fruit and vegetable concentrate with a honey consistency that even the fussiest children will happily lick off from a spoon.

Among the 10 useful fruits and vegetables included are elderberries and hibiscus, which fight even the most stubborn illnesses and inflammations in winter, so your child won't have to miss school for long periods due to illness!

The apples and pineapple in InnoFit Orifit have been shown to eliminate or at least significantly reduce symptoms in children with tummy aches, while the Jerusalem artichokes in Innofit Purfit help restore damaged gut flora, which is crucial if your child has been on a lot of antibiotics recently.

What's more, both Orifit and Purfit are in powder form, so you can use them to make some orange or pink fruit yoghurt, which is very popular with children!

For young mums:

One of the biggest concerns for you as a new mum is whether you are giving your baby all the vitamins and minerals they need. You probably already know how important folic acid and iron are for the healthy development of the foetus, especially in the prevention of neural tube defects.

Luckily, the InnoFit Child fruit and vegetable concentrate contains beetroot, which is high in both iron and folic acid, among many other valuable ingredients. Of course, in addition to beetroot, it also contains many other vegetables and fruits that not only protect your baby, but also your own health, while also promoting postnatal recovery!

For vegetarians and vegans:

If you don't eat meat or other animal foods, it's even more important to make sure you're getting your vitamin and mineral intake right. Iron, which is essential for blood formation, is of particular importance! Iron can most abundantly be found in meat, so you need to supplement with something. Try to get your iron from as natural a source as possible! With the beetroot and blackcurrant content in InnoFit Topform, you can now fight iron deficiency without meat!

For athletes:

As an athlete, I'm sure you know how important it is to make sure you're getting enough vitamins and minerals in your body to help your muscles build and recover after exercise. Not to mention the need to boost your immune system even more because of the heavy workload!

The beetroot in InnoFit Topform helps to build muscle through its mineral content and has also been shown to have a blood-forming effect, helping you to increase your oxygen capacity and performance. It also contains ginseng, which has a mild stimulant effect, supports muscle work and reduces the chance of pulling your muscles.

Besides boosting blood circulation, the various berries it contains will help prevent a variety of ailments from knocking you off your feet for long periods of time and forcing you to skip workouts.

Plenty of fruit and vegetables are also an excellent source of organic matter, which helps maintain healthy bones – another essential requirement for efficient exercise.

For seniors:

Unfortunately, as we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to absorb the vitamins and minerals that we desperately need! However, even with reduced absorption, InnoFit fruit and vegetable concentrates are assimilated quickly through the mucous membranes of the mouth.

The vegetables and berries found in InnoFit Child and InnoFit Purfit slow down the ageing process and have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. For example, the blueberries they contain can reduce one of the most common conditions in old age, high blood pressure!

They also include cherries and blackcurrants, which help rehabilitate aching joints and even fight rheumatism.

InnoFit Orifit may also be a good choice for you, as the pineapple and apple in it combine to help prevent constipation, which is common in older age, and the beta-carotene in beetroot is necessary maintain a healthy sight.

Finally, if you don't find yourself in either category, but simply want to eat more fruit and vegetables as a health-conscious person, then any of these fruit and vegetable concentrates can be the perfect choice for you!

Find more information and the exact ingredients of the concentrates here!

Erzsébet Mihalikné Krémer

Health educator and creator of the InnoFit product family