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InnoFit products are NOT vitamins, but much more than that! They are vegetable and fruit concentrates made with a globally unique, gentle manufacturing technology.

Simple, Quick, Delicious and 100% Natural

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Especially for children, pregnant women, elderly people, people who have had surgery and people with allergies.


Helps prevent high blood pressure, vascular damage (e.g. in diabetes),
and cold and flu-like illnesses.


Helps proper bowel function and detoxification. Alleviate or even eliminate allergy symptoms.


For those who want to support their immune and cardiovascular systems and keep their health at its best.

Faster results, better price

Discover all 4 products and save at least 18% with the Basic package.

Basic packAge

By consuming InnoFit products, you can benefit from the particularly high level of vitamins and minerals derived from fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Basic package includes: Child, Purfit, Orifit, Topform

Irén Temesvári Sándorné

“I used to struggle with constant headaches, I had COVID three times, but thanks to the consumption of the InnoFit products, my headaches are gone, in addition, my blood pressure has gone down, my sugar dropped and my sugar values have improved significantly.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Customers served! 375000 + sticks sold
Customers served! 375000 + Child and Topform sold

Product experiences

Irén Temesvári Sándorné

“I used to struggle with constant headaches, I had COVID three times, but thanks to the consumption of the InnoFit products, my headaches are gone, in addition, my blood pressure has gone down, my sugar dropped and my sugar values have improved significantly.

dr. Ágnes Schemmel

"One of the hardest parts of our work is fighting anaemia, iron deficiency...There are a lot of dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, medicines, which have not proved to be very effective. It would be good if we could get iron in food, and I found that in InnoFit."

Edina Földi

“…our family experienced practically every kind of health problem…including diabetes and cardiovascular problems…It was Topform and Purfit, that helped to sort out blood pressure problems and settle our blood sugar levels.”

dr. Jorge Delgado Ulloa

"I was only able to overcome my exhaustion by drinking 4-5 coffees a day....Once my wife came home, she brought something sweet...from then on she has be giving me Topform on a daily basis. I feel alive, I'm up all day, I'm getting things done and I don't need to drink as much coffee as I used to."

How to keep yourself healthy without relying on all kinds of capsules and artificial substances

Do you want...

to live in a physically and mentally balanced way?

to stay energetic and fit for a long time?

well-being and more drive for your everyday life?

better endurance and resilience?

to look visibly healthier?

But, as a result of your lifestyle, you don’t have enough time to pay attention to your diet 24/7?

Do work, family, household and other responsibilities fill your entire day?

Do not be disappointed!

We have good news.

Now you can switch to a healthier diet without having to make a drastic change!

Yes, there is a way to enjoy the extremely high content of vitamins, minerals, colorants and other valuable contents that fresh vegetables and fruits provide on a daily basis without having to spend hours on purchasing, preparing and consuming them. InnoFit products, made with a revolutionary new technology, retain almost 100% of the total content of fresh vegetables and fruits.


Product experiences

Richárd Király

Agricultural engineer

Zsuzsa Ambrus

Financial expert

Ilona Nagy

Life coach

When it comes to the proper functioning of your body and your resistance to diseases, the stakes are quite high. Your cells are made of what you introduce into your body with your diet. InnoFit products are made from a wide variety of plants and vegetables that contain the entire edible part of the plant.

Why is this important to you?

Did you know that a plant contains hundreds of useful substances for your body (i.e. not only vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but also waxes, terpenes, chemical messengers, colorants and odorants etc.)?

That flavonoids and carotenoids providing the color of the plants are themselves very diverse and they play an important role in maintaining our health?

Some of the specialist literature calls these "phytochemicals", while other studies call them "bioactive substances". They perform an almost innumerable variety of tasks, not only in the plants, but also in our bodies when consumed. Numerous researches have already proved their protective effect against viruses, fungi and bacteria, their antioxidant effect against free radicals that are constantly generated by our metabolism, and their tumor inhibiting effect.

6 aspects to consider when choosing your health promotion product:

The processing method of the plant used in the product.

Its complexity: how many different active ingredients it contains and whether there is a synergy between them to help each other's integration and utilization.

The naturalness of the product and its absorption.

The amount of synthetic active ingredients and the dose of the plant content, the resulting benefits and risks.

Does it contain additives, i.e. sweeteners, flavorings, acidity regulators, bulking agents, colorants, glycerin, microcrystalline cellulose, talc, gum arabic, guar gum, emulsifier, thickener etc. and how much of these is there in the product.

How is its flavor and texture (e.g. tablets, chewable tablets, capsules, syrup, powder, jelly bean).

We compared InnoFit products with traditional dietary supplements and found surprising differences.


How are InnoFit products different?

InnoFit products are manufactured with a patented and globally unique, gentle manufacturing technology.

With vacuum drying at room temperature, only water is extracted from the vegetables and fruits (under vacuum, the boiling point of water decreases).
Due to the production technology, the valuable plant components, which are sensitive to heat and oxidation, also retain their properties that are so useful for the body (free radical scavenging capabilities), i.e. they can actually be integrated and can support the body's self-healing processes.

In contrast, in traditional tablet/capsule products, no matter how excellent their vegetable ingredients are, if the vegetables and fruits they contain were processed by heat treatment, then the heat-sensitive vitamins will disintegrate. This happens with vitamin C, for example.

Another big problem is that physiologically useful bioactive substances in plants, such as flavonoids and carotenes, are unstable compounds (and it is also due to this that they have radical scavenging abilities).

These unstable compounds get oxidized when in contact with air during processing and get converted to stable compounds. However, these stable compounds can no longer act as antioxidants, i.e. in a bioactive way. Thus, products made with this process are much less able to have a positive effect.

On the other hand, if preservatives are used instead of heat treatment, research shows that these can cause health problems to consumers in the long run.

Another excellent feature InnoFit products provide is that, thanks to the special processing of the vegetables and fruits they contain, the products are can be sucked on like a lollipop, i.e. they can be absorbed through the oral mucosa.

This has the advantage that the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and colorants in the plants (e.g. flavonoids, carotene) no longer have to be "unpacked", i.e. digested, but can be almost fully integrated and are utilized easily and extremely quickly.

This positive effect can be measured by modern diagnostic equipment already a few minutes after consuming the products.

If the fruits and vegetables purchased at the greengrocer or picked in the garden are consumed with the meal, the valuable active ingredients of the plants pass through the digestive tract and are wasted mostly undigested due to sloppy chewing and digestion and due to plant fibers.

It is no coincidence that the use of a juicing machine is often recommended for sick people, to help with the absorption of the ingredients. That is why the WHO recommends consuming 0.5-1 kg of quality vegetable and fruit per person per day, so that the body can get the right amount of vital active ingredients.

In contrast, conventional tablet/capsule products have to cope with the gastric acid (there are products that cause severe stomach upsets), may fall victim to various microorganisms living in the gut, or may be absorbed from the gut only in part due to a dissolution in the wrong place.

Research shows that when absorbed, the body can often perceive them as a foreign body, which can have a negative effect on liver or kidney function.


Patrick Vidakovics

(two-time amateur kick-boxing world champion)

"I live in Thailand as a professional kickboxer. I do my 2 workouts a day in about 30 degrees and high humidity, which is very stressful for my body. Ever since I have been consuming InnoFit products, I have much more energy, I regenerate faster after workouts and I am not so exhausted. Before matches, I have to pay attention to my weight, that means I have to skip fruits because of their carbohydrate content; however, I really need their active ingredients. I can easily solve this problem by consuming InnoFit products."

Zsófia Ida Deres

"For 7 years, I have had eczema on my hands that made my life difficult each winter. If my skin gets scarred next to a joint, the joint will also become inflamed after a while. This always intensified with the cold. This is my first winter that I have no wounds on my hands permanently. Regular consumption of Orifit is really a huge help in treating my skin."


Anikó Knyihár

"My little daughter was 2.5 years old. For three months before consuming InnoFit products, she had a hard time having bowel movement, she cried a lot crying and jumped up and down when having to go to the toilet. When we received the InnoFit products, I immediately gave her 1 tablespoon of Child (dissolved in water in a feeding bottle), 1 sachet of Purfit and 1 sachet of Orifit to see if those help. Much to our delight, in 3 days all her sufferings were completely relieved. Since then, she just goes to the toilet when he has 'business' to do. 😉 No more crying, no more hours of jumping around, no struggles. Since then, she just asks for her scoop of Child."


InnoFit products are made from a variety of plants and contain the entirety of the consumable parts of the plants.

Serious research preceded the compilation of our recipes. As a result, not only is the body supplied with a wide range of active ingredients, but they complement each other synergistically and at the same time multiply their physiological effects in order to maximize cellular utilization.

The diversity, and the actual complexity, is unique only to plants, which makes InnoFit products much more beneficial compared to synthetic products.

In contrast, most conventional tablet / capsule products consist of only a few components (up to 10-20 types). The active ingredients are mostly contained in synthetic or inorganic forms, the utilization of which, according to recent researches, is in many cases doubtful.

In addition, more and more research proves that the one-sided consumption of a single active substance in high doses can lead to overdoses and cause long-term health problems. Often, active ingredients in the synthetic products fail to act synergistically – that being important for their integration and utilization, and they do not contain the components that the individual's body would require.

Needs differ from one individual to another, therefore it is a naivity to believe that they can be satisfied in a personalized manner by an artificial compound.

In InnoFit products, the plant content is not measured in milligrams, but in grams! This is a multiple dose compared to traditional vitamin preparations.

As a result, in the event of a physical deficiency, our customers often experience their immunostimulatory and cell regenerating effect, or even detoxifying or hematopoietic effects, surprisingly quickly after consuming the products.

In contrast, in conventional tablet/capsule products, the plant content is most often only a symbolic amount, 10 to 300 milligrams.

Even if these preparations contain the best fruits and vegetables in the world, due to the small dosage, 5-10-20 of them should be consumed at a time to have an actually positive physiological effect.

Thus, the monthly dose of a person, especially in the case of consuming several products together – focusing on complexity – can amount to up to 200-400 EUR per month. It is also important not to fail to check the composition and the amount of actual plant content on the product box.


InnoFit products contain no additives, colorants, preservatives, flavoring or flavor enhancers. Both Purfit and Orifit contain only corn starch (maltodextrin) that adds some volume for the powder, i.e. its crystalline consistency.

Since corn is one of the most genetically modified crops, the question rightly arises as to whether we use genetically modified raw material in the manufacturing of Purfit and Orifit.

The answer is: of course not, and we also have the supplier's declarations proving that the maltodextrin we use does not originate from a genetically modified crop and does not contain any allergens or sodium glutamate. (There are foods with maltodextrin that may contain small amounts of sodium glutamate as a by-product of manufacturing.)

In contrast, conventional tablet/capsule products often contain sweeteners, flavoring, acidity regulators, bulking agents, colorants, glycerin, microcrystalline cellulose, talc, gum arabic, guar gum, emulsifiers, thickeners etc.

Artificial sweeteners may interfere with the adequate insulin response and they can cause hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) and stress symptoms such as anxiety, tenseness, hand tremors, nervous tics, twitches; calcium malt and magnesium malt (as acidity regulators) can cause stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, kidney damage, disorientation; bulking agents (microcrystalline cellulose, guar gum) are added to make the tablet larger or chewable; the flavoring and colorant are there to give the tablet some flavor and color; anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate) and the glazing agent (stearic acid) may have an immunosuppressive effect.

Stearic acid can suppress T cells that play a central role in the functioning of the cellular immune response. It can interfere with the normal functioning of cells and can damage cell membranes.

InnoFit products are super TASTY, enjoyable and you can incorporate them into your diet in a variety of ways! For example, you can make an actual fruit yogurt with 1 sachet of Orifit or Purfit by mixing it in a cup of yogurt.

The big advantage is that you get a food free of added sugar, flavoring and flavor enhancers, so you can safely give it to babies, children and sick persons 365 days a year.

In contrast, traditional tablet/capsule products are often uneatable: some are difficult to swallow, may taste bad, or are full of flavor enhancers. No wonder that not only children, but also adults often have some aversion when recommended to take them.


Péter Veres

"I have been taking Topform with one dosing spoon a day in the morning for 3 months. As soon as I began to consume the product, I noticed that my general well-being changed positively, my energy level increased, my quality of sleep improved. I can get up fresh at 4 in the morning and stay active until the evening. I can practically perform during 14-16 hours of my day at full steam and also my need for sleep has shortened."

Ágnes Fuchs

"Each morning, I dissolve a sachet of Orifit in 2 dl of lukewarm water (it can be about 25-30 degrees Celsius) and drink it sip by sip. After about a week, my stomach problems disappeared, and my feces became looser after 2 days. After consuming it for almost two weeks, I noticed that I stopped losing my hair, and I'm less hungry too. On the first week, I had a temporary acne on my skin that has since disappeared."


Éva Verő Wagner

"Ever since I've been taking Topform, I'm not as tired as I was. I almost caught a cold, but I got away with just a slight throat ache. In particular, my deep depressive fatigue is completely gone, despite of me working a lot nowadays. When measuring my blood pressure, I get rather low values than high ones. Orifit and Purfit are also very delicious. They are both good immune boosters, providing fitness and an improved well-being. Any of the products fits wonderfully into a health-conscious lifestyle."

Are InnoFit products organic?

InnoFit products are not officially organic, as some of the ingredients in InnoFit products are naturally harvested fruits (mainly forest blackberries), which cannot be called organic even if they are grown in a completely organic way.

However, it remains true for InnoFit products that they are free from chemicals and additives, are manufactured from non-GM crops and are controlled, i.e. the plants used in manufacturing them are guaranteed to have a high quality, and they also have a verified certificate.

How much do they cost?

"InnoFit products are not the cheapest on the market, but the best!

Moreover, if you compare their price to traditional vitamin preparations, they may seem significantly more expensive."

The reason for this is simply the fact that we put significant quantities of vegetables and fruits into each product and offer many times the daily dose in opposition to traditional vitamin preparations. However, it is impossible to produce a cheaper product from high-quality ingredients.

Just think about the cost of 1 kg of blueberries, blackberries or blackcurrants. For the sake of making the best product for your body, we did not scrimp the required ingredients but came up with recipes with ingredients proved to be the best according to researches.

You may certainly know products that are cheaper than our, but we consider it paramount not to be the cheapest, but to offer you the best value for your money.

If you can achieve such a complex effect by consuming 5 to 8 products together, you are already in a worse financial condition than by choosing InnoFit products from the very start.

If you look at the plant content of the product, you can also expect serious surprises, because if you analyze the composition of the tablets of 750 to 1000 milligrams, you will be surprised how much carrier materials they contain and how negligible the plant-based active ingredient content they provide (if they contain any such ingredients at all).

"We cannot and do not want to enter into a price competition with our products.
If you decide to buy synthetic products, that's also perfectly fine."

However, we both know (as you may have read before) that traditional preparations represent an older generation of products, of which researches and experiments in recent years have clearly revealed that they are not as useful as usually thought:

"The efficiency of absorption of artificial food supplements is weaker compared to natural plant materials, as our body must first 'unpack' the active ingredient from a foreign substance, thereby reducing the efficiency of absorption. It often happens that artificial tablets do not even dissolve in the gut, so the active ingredient cannot be absorbed at all."

(Gabriella Silye: Sports Nutrition for a Maximum Performance 2017)

Nowadays, more and more researchers call into question the theory of orthomolecular medicine.

(Experts of orthomolecular medicine believe that the therapeutic intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is justified not only in disorders traditionally considered deficiency diseases, but in some cases, it is advantageous to take several, even several thousand times the recommended daily dose.)

The adherents of the orthomolecural theory encourage the consumption of high doses of synthetic vitamins and claim that what is good in small amounts is even better in large ones. More and more research has disproven this assumption; however, it is still widespread. Anita Bean puts the issue clearly:

"More doesn't mean better."

(Anita Bean: Modern Sports Nutrition 2000)

In his research, Prof. H. Melhus examined cases of bone fractures in a database of 66,000 women. After examining their diets, he concluded that vitamin A intake was remarkably high among patients with osteoporosis.

(H. Melhus et al., Excessive dietary intake of vitamin A is associated with reduced bone mineral density and increased risk of hip fracture, 1998)

He launched further investigation and concluded that even with relatively small vitamin A overdoses, the effect was drastic in the long run. With about twice the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin A (1.5mg), bone density reduces by almost 10%, and the risk of hip fracture doubles. Professor Melhus therefore encourages people to follow a normal, balanced diet and avoid preparations with high doses of vitamin A (here he refers to synthetic vitamins), because those have adverse effects on our health.

(BBC – Facts on vitamins, 2004)


Edina Pajor

"A 95-year-old granny fell and her two cervical vertebrae broke. In order to kill the great pain she had, she was prescribed painkillers and got hooked on them after the accident. 9 weeks after the accident, the taking of painkillers was no longer justified; in fact, they only made her condition worse: her limbs were always cold, she became dizzy, her blood pressure was high, and she became moody. We decided to get her off the painkillers, but they needed to be replaced with something! Recently, instead of painkillers, she takes one scoop of Child each morning and each evening. If she asks for her painkillers, I give her an extra dosis from the InnoFit product. Before two weeks could pass, she became very active. She is now moving much more safely and is also willing to climb the stairs. Now that she has been consuming Child for a month, we climb up two floors every day."

Edina Földi

"The whole family has been consuming InnoFit products for about one and a half years. Both me and my partner struggle with serious health problems, so our decision was quite deliberate. After a half-year long period of serious stress, my partner developed heart failure, and even a suspicion of thrombosis arose. I don't want to describe here the approach of the Hungarian health care system, but after two weeks of doing nothing being done in the hospital, he was released without no diagnosis of thrombosis or heart problems. He only received one treatment: four scoops of Child and 2 sachets of Purfit each day. When he himself realized the power these products had, it was no more necessary for me as a woman to check on a daily basis whether or not he had taken his dose. The biggest surprise however happened 10 months later: his blood pressure of 140-150/90-100 decreased to 110/70, so our cardiologist reduced the dosis of his antihypertensive medicines. This is a real feat for us, because he had had serious vascular problems. Luckily, I can now speak of all this in past tense."


Nikolett Piszter

"I ate almost no vegetables and fruits in the past. I just couldn't manage to like them, even though I knew this wasn't good, because they're so healthy and I would need them. When I found InnoFit and watched the product section of the video series, I thought that even if they wouldn't taste good, for the sake of my health, I will make the half-minute effort of eating the products on a daily basis (because at first I didn't believe that they would taste so good to me). But from the moment I tasted them, I realized how delicious they were. If you have similar problems, be assured that InnoFit products are not only healthy, but also delicious. 🙂"

The latest research highlights the specific benefits of InnoFit products:

It's not about the high-dose intake of some active ingredients (which can even cause serious negative consequences); they build instead on the complexity of the plants.

They do not contain any synthetic substances, the utilization of which by the human body is doubtful, but are 100% natural, so that the human body can make maximum use of them, and if it does not need of some of the active ingredients, then these do not burden the liver and the kidneys, but are simply evacuated.

They do not contain sweeteners, flavorings, acidity regulators, bulking agents, colorants, glycerin, microcrystalline cellulose, talc, gum arabic, guar gum, emulsifiers or thickeners, thereby avoiding allergies and side effects these could cause.

They are really complex and have all the natural active ingredients as they are contained by plants. With InnoFit products, you can nourish your body with a wide range of active ingredients from vegetables and fruit at an affordable price, and in the quantity your body actually needs on a daily basis.

InnoFit products as true superfoods surpass traditional food supplements in naturalness, manufacturing technology and utilization by the organism.

If you want to:

  • live in a physically and mentally balanced way,
  • stay fit and energetic for a long time,
  • feel well and boost your workdays,
  • have better endurance and be more resilient, 

then make a decision and take action!

"It's worth living healthier!
Start here":

Experience the difference with InnoFit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t InnoFit products contain preservatives and why don’t they need to be heat treated?

Due to the special production technology, our products' moisture content is very low (3-5% maximum in Orifit and Purfit, and 20% maximum in Topform and Child products), and they contain high concentrations of natural antioxidants (flavonoids, vitamins A and C). Due to the low water content, the pH of the plants and the high antioxidant concentration, the products have a high microbiological stability, so they do not spoil. They retain their original quality for up to two years if stored adequately.

What is the vitamin content of the products?

Thanks to the special manufacturing technology, InnoFit products are able to naturally preserve heat-sensitive vitamins, which is why the vitamin content of InnoFit products is not comparable to that of conventional vitamin products. There, either the products are made up entirely of synthetic vitamins, or minimal natural active ingredients from plants (a few hundred milligrams at most) are supplemented with synthetic vitamins, of which, research shows that only a few percent is utilized. Therefore we have no interest in competing with the vitamin content of products manufactured in that way and we believe customers are misled with those data.

What is the difference between the different flavonoid products?

There are several companies selling different formulations of flavonoid products and you may be wondering what criteria you should use to choose between them. What are the differences between the products?
Often you read the phrase "made using gentle processing method" in company brochures. What technology might this term refer to? It’s important to pay attention to this term, because the way fruits are processed has a significant impact on the nutritional content of the product.
We have compiled a list of factors that make a big difference between the products. We have done so to help you to better understand the topic and be able to choose the right product.

  1. Production technology: If the product is in a jar, it’s already a suspicious sign. If you hear a “clicking" sound when the cap is unscrewed, the product was treated using mild heat treatment, meaning a heat treatment of 80 to 90 °C (pasteurization). Its purpose is to kill microorganisms and deactivate the enzymes in the plant (to inhibit their activity as enzymes – in effect killing them), which will ensure the shelf life of the product. In most cases, these products are post-vitaminized, since heat treatment also destroys heat-sensitive bioactive substances, vitamins such as vitamin C, which means that they cannot exert a positive physiological effect after consumption. To compensate for this, other companies add synthetic vitamins and minerals in order to increase the nutritional value of the product.
    InnoFit products are made using vacuum technology and by gentle process, we mean a compression at a low temperature (+6 degrees Celsius for Topform and Child). The purpose of this method of processing is that almost 100 % of the active substances in the fruits and vegetables are safe from damage during processing. Therefore they do not contain added vitamins, minerals, or trace elements.
  2. What are products made from: fruit concentrate or fruit pulp? In the case of products made of fruit pulp, the water content of the fruit is often not or only partially extracted. In this case, in order to bind water, water-thickening and gelling agents, stabilizers and emulsifiers are added (e.g. apple pectin, carrageenan, guar gum, gum arabic, xanthan gum, alginic acid). If you read the product ingredients, you can definitely verify that. As this will not result in a high content of natural active substances in the product, to compensate for this, other companies add synthetic vitamins and minerals in order to increase the content value of the product.
    When manufacturing InnoFit products, no thickeners, gelling agents, stabilizers and emulsifiers are used. The products are actually concentrated by extracting water, so the resulting fruit and vegetable concentrate can have multiple times the nutritional value compared to other products.
  3. What berries does the recipe include? On the one hand, when purchasing the fruit there can be huge differences in the price of ingredients (e.g. in case of a product based on grapes, which is significantly cheaper than blueberries, blackthorns, blackberries, etc.), on the other hand, it is important to know whether the recipe making was preceded by research on the nutritional value and physiological effects of the ingredients and whether the expensive ingredients can also be found in the product, where needed.
    InnoFit products are backed by many years of serious plant research. The formulation for Topform and Child was preceded by a patent based on antioxidant research that ensures the uniqueness of the recipe and the synergistic triggering of the complex action mechanisms of the body. The Topform product contains 6 major antioxidant groups in one. Similar products contain only 1 or 2 antioxidant groups.

Can people with diabetes consume InnoFit products?

Deterioration of blood vessels is a serious complication for people with diabetes. Numerous studies show the positive effects consuming berries has on blood vessels (vascular protection, slowing down the development of vasoconstriction), therefore their consumption is highly recommended. Since Topform, Child, and Purfit products are mainly made from berries, they are excellent for vascular protection. Although the products do contain fructose because of the fruit, their sugar content is so small that if taken with a meal it is not necessary to count it towards the daily carbohydrate intake, except in severe cases. (3g per scoop for Topform, Child and 5g per sachet for Orifit and Purfit can be used for the calculation)

Can gluten-intolerant people consume InnoFit products?

The products do not contain gluten (grain protein). No products containing gluten are made at the manufacturer, so not even traces of gluten can be found in the products.

Can I overdose the products?

All things can be overdosed by excessive consumption. Therefore, the question is not whether or not it can be overdosed, but what happens when we eat too much of it. Our experience shows that probably nothing. Our body gets rid of the excess quantity intelligently (e.g. in the form of urine, or excreted in the form of mild diarrhea as an immune response), and – as with other foods – an “aversion” or a temporary feeling of disgust can appear as a self-defensive reaction. It is essential to understand that these effects are not signs of illness, but are a healthy body’s response to excessive consumption. To avoid this, do not go overboard, but consume the quantity indicated on the box.

I eat a healthy diet. Should I try the products?

If you eat a healthy diet and you can eat a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors, freshly picked, and at a satisfactory quality day after day, you may be one of the few people who do not need supplements in any form, including InnoFit products. Statistics show that most people either lack the variety, quality or quantity to consume the professionally recommended daily amount. If you live a stressful life, exercise, are pregnant, elderly, or in case you smoke or have digestive problems, it is most likely that even with a healthy diet it may be beneficial for you to consume InnoFit products due to your increased need. Make sure to assess your personal situation.

I am active in sports. Is it considered doping if I consume the products?

Since the products are fruit and vegetable concentrates and the plants in InnoFit products, as far as we know, are not included on the ban list, do not contain any added substances included on the ban list, nor do we produce any other products in the factory that contain prohibited substances, it is safe for athletes to consume our products.

How is delivery done and how much does it cost?

Delivery is done by the parcel delivery service and they send an e-mail and/or an SMS message about the package arrival. Usually, delivery is within a few business days from the date of your order – but you can choose a date convenient for you when you place your order.
Delivery fee:
Varies by country, it can be seen on the order form after the country is selected.

I couldn’t manage to pay by card. What should I do?

To avoid any inconvenience and to ensure a successful transaction, before you make any card payments, please check the following:
Is your card eligible for online shopping?
The validity of the card – is it declined or expired?
The balance on the card - is there an appropriate amount?
The card limits - is the limit set per transaction higher than the amount to be paid?
Has the number of maximum daily transactions been reached?
Is there a sufficient amount left from your daily spending limit to complete the payment, considering any purchases made earlier that day?

The Internet connection - transactions may fail with a faltering internet connection due to transaction timeout.

Double check the data you entered, don't rush. After you press the payment button once, be patient until you get a confirmation. If the card has been issued by a bank where a security code sent in an sms is required to be entered to confirm the payment, please have your phone ready.
If you return to the payment page using “back”, “reload” or “refresh” functions, the transaction will be rejected automatically for security reasons. In such a case, you will need to restart your purchase.
Entering the payment details shouldn’t take too long as the system might throw you out.

+ A TIP: if you use Firefox browser and the transaction fails multiple times (and you are absolutely sure that everything is OK with your card, internet connection, etc), please try to open the payment page in another browser (we have experienced more failed transactions in the Firefox browser). If that doesn't work either, please contact the bank that issued your card first, most likely they will be able to help you.